Leighton Evans


My name is Leighton…


I’m an academic whose research interests are digital media, the philosophy of technology and post-phenomenology. In 2013, I successfully defended my PhD thesis in the Philosophy of Technology at Swansea University. My research was in in the remediation of place and surfacing of the possibility of placehood through mobile technologies and social gazetteers. I was also interested in the practices and features of online places, and digital ecologies. Since then, I have worked as a post-doc on the Programmable City project at Maynooth University, been a senior lecturer in Media and Communication at the University of Brighton and I am currently Associate Professor in Media Theory at Swansea University.

Much of my everyday existence is taken up in remorseless devouring of digital culture, from video games and social networking to science fiction, futurism and posthuman texts. The intention of the blog on this site is to muse on these cultural artefacts, but I’m sure there is meandering onto football too. Comments on any post or issue are most welcome. You can also find a list of my publications. Many of my lectures are available here.

Please feel free to get in touch through the usual social media routes or email