End of year notes

Authentically, time should be a horizon to death, but I don’t have the time for that – and not having the time for that will be the topic of a new book I will start in 2013. I plan to work on publishing my PhD post-viva too, and putting that baby to bed finally will be quite the relief. With 2 conferences confirmed – 1 with Bernard Stiegler as keynote, the other with Davd Berry and Graham Harman – and a book chapter in the bag for January, all is well academically at the moment.

But back to that not having time, it’s a real issue. I’ve barely had time to pick up the guitar for 5 minutes, or read a paper, over the last few months. I’m on a 2 week break, my first since 2009, and now I’m struggling in trying to do nothing. I’m tempted to go back to Sartre to assess how I could do nothing, but I’m not meant to be reading that! I’ll rely on Cory Doctorow and some video games, and try to decompress. Once you’re in a routine of flogging yourself to death, then it’s really hard to stop. Flogging yourself to death may new this generation’s amusing ourselves to death.

On the subject of death, being hit in the head by a football will not kill Robin Van Persie, just would like to point that out Sir Alex. Your hysterical hyperbole also failed to get Ashley Williams banned. Trying to deflect criticism from your team not beating Swansea is really classless – why not admit Swansea defended well? Great manager, no class.


About Leighton Evans

I completed my PhD in the Philosophy of Technology at Swansea University. Interested in the remediation of place and surfacing of the possibility of placehood through mobile technologies and social gazetteers. Now interested in media ecologies, digital media cultures and the use of digital media in understanding the world in everyday contexts. Decidedly Heideggerian. Swansea City F.C. fan, and this blog is a collection of my own thoughts and not indicative of any institutional affiliations. So there.
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