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Privacy Parenthesis

I’m currently working on fleshing out some ideas on privacy and the re-situation of privacy as a result of the use of digital media in everyday life. This was the catalyst for my involvement in the Privacy: Gathering Insights from … Continue reading

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Morozov, To Save Everything and the art of the Ad Hominem

A week spent with Evgeny Morozov (in reading, I should add) has led me to consider how useful the ad hominem attack is in critical debate. I know – but please bear with me. This is firstly not an attack … Continue reading

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An interesting philosophical kerfuffle

Interesting comments by David Berry at Stunlaw on  Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) based around what is the philosophical purpose of OOO and what are the political questions that arise from a clarification of that philosophical purpose. David writes a great (semi-) polemic … Continue reading

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Alien Phenomenology

I’ve been reading Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) since 2008 when I first encountered Graham Harman at a seminar at UWE Bristol and went forth and read his Tool Being, which I considered the canonical text in OOO due to clarity of … Continue reading

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RSA Animate – Manuel Lima

Very enjoyable RSA video on networks. I’ve always found these animation videos excellent as the animation itself adds to the presentation rather than detracting from or distracting from the argument. As a visual aid to the main channel of communication the animation … Continue reading

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