Publications and Presentations

Doctoral Thesis

Revealing Place in the Sprawl: A Phenomenological Investigation into Location-Based Social Networking, defended March 2013. Revealing Place in the Sprawl in pdf form.


Evans, L. & Saker, M. (2017), Location-Based Social Networking: Space, Time and Identity. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Evans, L (2015), Locative Social Media: Place in the Digital Age, London: Palgrave Macmillan.


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Book Chapters

Evans, L. & Perng, S-Y. (2017). ‘Spatial Knowledge and Behaviour’ in: Kitchin, R., Lauriault, T. & Wilson, M. W. (Eds.) Understanding Spatial Media, pp. 169-178, London: Sage.

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Evans, L. (2010). Authenticity Online: Using Webnography to Address Phenomenological ConcernsIn New Media and the Politics of Online Communities (ed. Mousoutzanis, A. and Riha, D.). Oxford: Inter-disciplinary Press.

Presentations and Conferences

2017 – Saker, M. and Evans, L. British Sociological Association Conference 2017, University of Manchester. The Personal and Public Impact of Pokemon Go: Contextualising Novelty within the Broader Canon of Locative Media.  

2016 – Creating Smart Cities, Maynooth University. Privacy Parenthesis, or the structural transformation of the private sphere. 6-7/9/2016. [Link to Video]

2015 – Being Human Conference, University of Liverpool. Self Tracking Cultures and the Emergence of Hybrid Beings. 11/12/2015.

2015 – Evans, L. and Donnellan, B. AIS SIG PRAG, Pre-ICIS Workshop 2015 “Practice-based Design and Innovation of Digital Artefacts”, Fort Worth, Texas. Unpacking the thing in the Internet of Things.

2015 – Digital Citizenship and Surveillance, Cardiff University. The Privacy Parenthesis: Citizenship in Late Capitalism and the Digital World. 19/6/2015 [Link to Video]

2015 – Bradshaw, R and Evans, L. STS Conference, Graz, Austria, Exploring Design in the Bike Share Sector. 12/5/2015.

2015 – Wu, Y, Evans, L and Price, E. MeCCSA, Northumbria University, Generations of Deaf/Hard of Hearing Audiences for Television: A Study of the Impact of the Digital Switchover. 7/1/2015.

2014 – Conference of Irish Geographers, UCD. Cows and Code: A literature review of Software and Farms. 

2014 – Code and the City Workshop, Maynooth University. Feeling Place in the City.  [Link to Video]

2013 – Conditions of Mediation: Phenomenological Approaches to Media, Technology and Communication, Birbeck, University of London. The Importance of Being-Towards Social: mood and orientation to things and applications in social media.

2013 – Unlike Us #3, Institute of Network Cultures, Amsterdam. Buying and Selling People and Places: The Political Economy of Mobile Social Media. [Link to Video]

2013 – BILETA, University of Liverpool. The right to be forgotten against the possibility: forgetting the user in the digital media age.

2011 – MeCCSA postgraduate conference, Bournemouth University. Assembling the location.

2011 – AISB Philosophy and Computing symposium, University of York. Object-oriented Philosophy: the nature of relations between humans and computational objects.

2010 – 5th Global Conference: Cybercultures, Salzburg, Austria. Authenticity Online: using webnography to address phenomenological concerns.

2009 – MeCCSA postgraduate conference, Bangor University. Networked Alterity.

2008 – Visions of Humanity in Cyberculture, Cyberspace and Science Fiction, Mansfield College, Oxford University. The phenomenology of Social Networking.

2007 – Royal Institute of Philosophy Student Conference, University of the West of England. What value attaches to a restored landscape?


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