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Privacy Parenthesis

I’m currently working on fleshing out some ideas on privacy and the re-situation of privacy as a result of the use of digital media in everyday life. This was the catalyst for my involvement in the Privacy: Gathering Insights from … Continue reading

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Stadia as Things; Or how the sports stadium gathers into an event (an ode to the Liberty)

It is 2 games into a 3 game home match run for Swansea City, and I have been motivated by the performances to write about the Liberty Stadium and how I see it as a place. Some of my thoughts … Continue reading

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On holding things in anticipation (and in praise of Michu)

This post would have been more appropriate last week, but what with the harassed unrest of modern life I didn’t get round to it. The prelude to the kick-off of the Premier League season had me thinking last week about the … Continue reading

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Alien Phenomenology

I’ve been reading Object-Oriented Ontology (OOO) since 2008 when I first encountered Graham Harman at a seminar at UWE Bristol and went forth and read his Tool Being, which I considered the canonical text in OOO due to clarity of … Continue reading

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First post

so… This is a blog to record my thoughts on stuff. I like stuff. I encounter stuff on a daily basis, and I like to ponder the excruciating minutiae of every encounter with stuff until I suffer a sub-cortical haemorrhage of thinking. Or something. … Continue reading

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